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3 Common Problems with Domestic Carpets and Upholstery

H2O Carpet Cleaning August 1, 2013 8:26 am

A carpet can add a luxurious look to a home. It can soften treads, prevent the flooring from getting damaged by furniture, and insulate a home during winter. Upholstery also makes a room look plush and welcoming. At the same time, there are some common problems associated with carpets and upholstery. With time and use, carpets and upholstery tend to look old and worn out, making a home look dull and unappealing.


Three of the most common problems with domestic carpets and upholstery are as follows:




One of the main problems with carpets is odour, especially if there are pets in the house. The microfibres of carpets are notorious for entrapping smells and odours, resulting in the whole house beginning to smell if the affected carpets are not cleaned efficiently and correctly.



Food and drink will commonly be consumed around the home and as a result, there are bound to be accidents. Food and drinks will be spilt and many times, the spills will occur on the upholstery as well as carpets. Whilst you will undoubtedly attempt to clean this up immediately, it is often easier said than done. As a result, food and drink stains can mar the overall beauty of the carpet or sofa.


If there is heavy footfall in the room, people are also more likely to bring in dirt and mud from outdoors, which will make their way onto the carpet when people walk on it. These stains can also be difficult to remove and will leave a less than appealing mark on your carpet or upholstery.

General Dirt and Grime


Regardless of how often carpets and furniture are vacuum cleaned, they still manage to attract dirt and dust. If carpets and upholstery are not deep cleansed, the dirt and dust gets embedded, making the carpet and furniture look dirty, drab and old. Embedded dirt and grime can wreak havoc with allergies, making those sniffles and streaming eyes worse.


Getting Carpets and Upholstery Cleaned


If there is one name that stands out for efficient and effective carpet and upholstery cleaning services, it is ours here at H2O Carpet Cleaning. Offering carpet and upholstery cleaning that uses specialist detergents and equipment for the best possible results, we work throughout Stafford and Staffordshire getting odours, stains and general dirt and grime out of carpets and upholstery to renew and refresh them.


At H2O Carpet Cleaning, we not only offer cleaning services, but also ensure that the carpet and upholstery is deodorised and protected from stains. Our team of cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to clean any type of carpet and upholstery, so there are no worries about damage during the cleaning process. The deep cleansing of carpet and upholstery ensures a clean, odour-free and fresh living environment. This is a more cost-effective and efficient method than spending large sums of money to replace stained furniture and carpets, so get in touch today to book our services and experience the benefits of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning first hand.

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