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What A Clean Environment Means For Your Business

H2O Carpet Cleaning May 13, 2013 9:09 am


Keeping your working environment tidy isn’t just for clean freaks. Here at H2O Carpet Cleaning, we believe that making the effort to keep your employees’ workspaces clean and tidy could genuinely help your business and make you more money. Here’s why;

Improved Staff Morale

Whilst you may think your employees are more bothered about rates of pay or the type of work they are required to do, the conditions of their working environment can make a huge impact too. Your staff probably spend around eight hours a day at work. Would you want to spend half of your waking day in an environment which is cluttered, dirty or unhygienic? Neither would they. Make sure that the place is clean, fresh and organised and your staff will thank you for it. Open the windows regularly too, to ensure a good supply of fresh air and stop unpleasant smells lingering.

Make A Great First Impression

This counts for anybody who may enter your business premises, whether it be clients or candidates for a new position. A clean, attractive office can instil confidence in your company. First impressions count for a lot, and if your offices are dirty or run down, it could make the difference between clinching that business deal or not. Candidates coming for interviews are important too; the conditions of the premises will be one of the main pieces of information they can glean about the business – don’t lose the ideal candidate because you were too lazy to clean up. If your business is customer-facing every day, keeping on top of cleaning is even more vital in order to make a good impression.

A Safer Place To Work

If you let your cleanliness standards slip too far, you could even jeopardise the safety of your employees. Items left out of place, slippery spillages on the carpet and large items balanced precariously could all cause accidents, leaving you with a potential lawsuit on your hands. Stale old air can spread diseases fast too, so ensure you have some air circulation in place.

We have almost 10 years’ experience in commercial carpet cleaning in Stoke and the surrounding areas. If you want to make the first step towards a healthier, happier business, contact us today.

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